An HONEST Guide to Passive Income for Photographers & Creatives

Passive Income Tip: Many people mistake passive income for money that is earned from get-rich-quick schemes. That is not true. It cannot magically help you earn money instantly. Otherwise everyone today would be successfully owning multiple passive income businesses today. (

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In this video I will talk about different income streams for photographers and creatives. Maybe you're a videographer, artist or website designer, you should find some passive income ideas in this video that can apply to your creative industry.

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Passive income is this idea of making money whilst you sleep. It's the holy grail of income. But I think there's a misconception that it means you make money without doing any work. Passive income actually requires most of the hard work up front so that you can reap the rewards later down the line. Then maybe it requires a little bit of management and upkeep as times goes on.

1. Digital Products

As a photographer you could sell a Preset Pack. This would require you to create the product in Lightroom or Capture One – edit and save some photo editing styles, package that up into a downloadable file then upload that file onto a website for everyone and anyone to purchase.

Other digital products you could create if you're not a photographer could be, Online Courses, E-Books, Tutorials and Guides or Templates.

I think digital products are great way of earning a passive income as there is hardly any maintenance and upkeep that is required and whatever your creative industry is there will be various different digital products you can sell.

2. Adobe Stock. – The sponsors of this video. (link: [](

This one can be massively beneficial for both photographers and videographers. Adobe stock always you to license your content out to other designers, filmmakers, advertising agencies to use.

Out of all the passive income streams I mention in this video uploading your content onto Adobe Stock is truly the most passive. it's super simple and easy to upload your content and once it's uploaded and improved to adobe stock people can license it, download it and you will earn royalties from it.

If you have images just sat on your hard drive or computer not doing anything you could actually turn that into an income stream.

Not only do you have the potential to make money from your old content but it gives you an opportunity to develop and improve your craft. If you're a beginner to photography, this is a perfect way to build a portfolio of work.

3. YouTube / Content Creation (borderline passive/work)

YouTube can without a doubt be a huge source of passive income for anyone who's creative, whatever your industry niche is… you can build a YouTube following from it.

The most obvious way is through Google Adsense. Advertisers pay YouTube for adverts, those adverts go onto your videos you get paid for the views. Depending on the type of content you create will determine how much advertisers pay.

Another great thing about YouTube income is that once the video is uploaded it can gain views for years and years after.

4. Prints and Physical Products (Eric Floberg Example)

As a photographer, after you've completed some work and you're sending over the files, you could also send them a link to purchase a physical printed version as well.

Because I haven't personally done this to make money I want to link a video from someone who knows a lot more about it. He name is Eric Floberg and he's made some great videos diving deeper in this subject.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when someone uses a link you've shared to buy a product and you take a cut of the sale. One of the most popular affiliate options is Amazon. Create an account with Amazon Affiliates and when you share a product link you will take small % of the sale.

00:00 – Passive Income Explained
01:55 – Digital Products
04:00 – Adobe Stock
06:34 – YouTube
09:46 – Physical Products
10:28 – Affiliate Marketing

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