Affiliate Marketing Tutorial for Beginners 2022 (Step by Step + Fiverr Affiliates)

Affiliate Marketing Tip: If your niche affiliate marketing product or service is a subset of a larger, ultra-popular product, focus on the aspects of it that make it different and unique. Focus on presenting those aspects to the specific subset or niche of people who will be interested in what you have to offer. Don't try to compete with the larger product for the business of the greater demographic.

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00:00 What is affiliate marketing?
02:30 How do affiliate marketers get paid?
04:05 How much money can you make?
05:12 Getting started & startup costs
05:56 Most profitable niches
07:53 How to find products
09:25 How to make an affiliate link
15:07 Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic
17:13 How to get traffic
18:10 Making an affiliate website
20:22 Making a Linktree

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