8 Effective Morning Habits of Successful People – Best Morning Routine to Win the Day

Successful Habits Tip: Financial planner Scott D. Hedgcock once said , “In my experience, the biggest difference between those on the right path vs. those on the wrong path was the amount of time and effort they put into devising a plan for their finances.” But taking the time to create a plan and see it through “is the one thing all financially successful people have in common.” (

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If you can win the morning, you will win the day. The first 60 – 90 minutes of your day will have have a huge impact on how the rest of the day is shaped, be it positive or negative.
Having some kind of morning ritual is an absolute key for icons, billionaires and world-class performers all around the globe. So here are the 8 most effective morning habits of highly successful people, that you could implement in your morning routine.

#1 Make your bed.

This might sound like a silly habit but it could be of huge importance. As soon as you get of bed, assuming you don’t hit the snooze button, make an effort into making your bed.

#2 Check your list

Having a list with certains tasks that you set out to do will give you a purpose for the day and you will find yourself being productive rather than lost or bored because you don’t know what to do.

#3 Meditate/mindfulness practise

Some kind of meditation or mindfulness practice in the morning was the most common morning ritual among successful people in Tim Ferris's book tools of titans. Having interviewed 100’s of the most influential people, 80 % of them were practising their minds as a ritual every morning. You can watch my video on the benefits of meditation here:

#4 Visualization

Visualization is a tool you can use that will speed up the process of getting what you want. Visualize already being and having what you want. The mind have a hard time telling the difference between imagination and reality, and you begin to attract these things into your life.

#5 Journaling

Journaling should not be mistaken as a diary but as a tool that will put your meta physical thoughts into physical reality. This is an opportunity for you to put your visions and dreams onto paper. Studies show that putting your goals onto paper increases your chances of achieving them. You should also write affirmations and things you're grateful of.


#6 Read

Reading just a few minutes were also a popular habit among the most successful people. If they weren’t reading the news, then philosophy and business were popular alternatives. Stoic philosophy has become increasingly popular and is considered the most practical philosophy as it urges you to do, rather than to just think. You can get The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday on Amazon here:

#7 Exercise

Exercising in the morning doesn’t mean that you should sprint to the gym, deadlift, squat and benchpress, then sprint back again. Instead just try to make a habit of something that will get your heart rate up and that will loosen your body up. You can watch my video on the kettlebell swing here:

#8 Take a cold shower

When you’re done with your light exercise, try taking a cold shower for at least 30 seconds. This is something Tony Robbins among others try to do every morning. Step into that cold water and it will wake you up make no mistake about that. My video on Cold Exposure and weight loss explained here:

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