3 New Crypto Currency DAOs I’m Staking For Passive Income

Passive Income Tip: Those who achieve financial independence will tell you that passive income streams are the key to success. The problem is that most supposed passive income ideas that you'll find are not passive at all. A second job, for example, isn't passive. (

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There are so many new DAOs that are coming out that I couldn't even compile them all in one video, but I went ahead and entered positions on 3 of them. In this video I show the research I compiled and why I went in on these 3 new cryptocurrency Dao's. It looks like assuming prices stay the same I should be able to over double my money in a 30 day window.

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Dao Research


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0:00 Introduction
1:40 What is a Dao
2:40 Understanding the Research
3:55 Data Metrics I Used
5:38 Dao #1
6:50 Dao #2
7:38 Dao #3
8:29 My Strategy With Daos Going Forward


Disclaimer – I’m not a financial advisor. The time of me filming this information was accurate. Please do your own research and you must take responsibility for your own financial decisions

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