3 Copywriting Mistakes To AVOID!

Copywriting Tips: Unless you're writing a podcast or video script, it's easy to forget that even marketing copy will not just consumed or even scanned, but real. And when people read, they sound out and even hear the words as a part of their inner speech in a process known as subvocalization So read your work aloud and make sure to listen. Did you trip over any phrases? Did you catch an accidental rhyme or a tricky string of words? Did you have a hard time following? Rewrite. (

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I’m about to share one of the most important lessons I’ve ever released to the public…

This lesson could solve a problem you didn’t even know you had…

A mistake both beginner AND veteran copywriters make…

That is… Demonstrating Proof (the wrong way).

See, there are 3 things copywriters do wrong when showing proof…

They are:
1. Dropping data
2. Overexplaining
3. Quote Porn

These 3 mistakes will cripple your promo faster than anything else…

But knowing how to avoid them will put you leagues above everyone else.

So if you want to know the key to writing good copy…

And a way to have a leg up on the competition…

You better make sure you’re not committing these deadly copywriting sins.

Watch today’s video, and I’ll show you how to avoid these 3 deadly sins…

And how to use proof the RIGHT way! 

What are you waiting for?

Watch today's video now to save your copy from certain doom.



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