23 Powerful Habits of SUCCESSFUL People (தமிழில்)

Successful Habits Tip: Also called “the school of hard knocks,” you can mentor yourself by learning from your own mistakes. “This is the hard path to success, because those mistakes and failures carry significant costs in both time and money,” says Corley. “But this is also the most powerful type of mentoring you can get, because the lessons you learn are infused with intense emotion and never forgotten.” (

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Many people are living their whole life in an average state, with mediocrity. And We wants to change their lives for the better. If you want to become truly successful in life then this “?? ?????? ?? ?????????? ?????? ?????? ?? ?????” will help you to do that. If you are a person struggling a lot to figure out, How to become Successful in life, then these 23 Habits of successful persons will help you understand better and to change your own life.

These successful habits are universal, and followed literally by all successful people in their lives including Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Abdul Kalam, Michael Jordan etc. No Matter in what field you are struggling in, adopting these daily routines of successful people will help you to become a high performance personality. So STOP WORRYING About “What Successful People Do in their Lives” and Enjoy watching my self development Video. Cheers.

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? Why Blaming Others for your failure is the first step to achieve personal success in all your projects.
? Why it is essential to review your To-Do lists in a daily basis and How it is related to achieving mastery in productivity.
? Why you should be consistent in your efforts and be persistent till you get the results on your projects and How to do that?
? How positive self speech influences your lives and actions? And How to speak to yourself positively?
? Why you should not rely on the immediate results, and stop wasting time and money on buying lotteries? How overnight success is a myth.
? You Will also learn the importance of meditation, self awareness, mastering relationship, avoidance of negative people, how to learn from failure etc.
? How to empathetic listening changes your life and relationship with others? And Why should you achieve mastery in listening to others actively?
? You will learn many more interesting success secrets in tamil, which are including but not limited to “Why You should not look forward to immediate gratification, why should find your why to succeed, why you should outsource your jobs, why you should come out from comfort zone and many more.
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