22 year old earns Rs. 2.5 lakhs per month Affiliate Marketing | Sudhanshu Kumar | Rahul Bhatnagar

Affiliate Marketing Tip: What do people love to do? Talk about themselves and their opinions! When you write an affiliate product review, invite people to post their own testimonials. Offer a little freebie as an incentive. Choose the best-written pieces. Try to see if you can get a video of them on a webcam discussing the product. Collect these testimonials and post intermittently for even more impact.

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I am so proud of my mentee Sudhanshu Kumar who is now earning more than Rs. 2.5 lakhs every month through Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

He is now also creating employment for others.

Pointers discussed during this valuable interaction:

1:48 How did you get started with Affiliate Marketing?

3:50 What is the process?

6:15 How to Setup an Amazon Associate account?

7:05 How does anybody get approval from AMAZON?

8:15 How do you make content?

11:58 What kind of mindset should people need to have in order to start with Amazon Affiliate?

14:16 What sort of products should a person sell?

16:14 How will they be able to monetize more?

18:47 How did you got benefited after attending the Rise and Shine event by Rahul Bhatnagar?

21:35 What is the process that you follow on a monthly basis?

22:32 What are your future plans?

24:45 How to keep Amazon Affiliate Account safe?

29:20 Message for Viewers

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